26 May 2007

Elfen Lied Opening

Uploaded by Kakashi_GT

OpeningTheme "Lilium" sung by Kumiko Noma a Japanese Opera Singer

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DEITRIX said...


The Elderly said...

(places hand over eyes)....Im not looking.....

KP_Poine said...

Umm.. yeah -__-;;
Anyway, this song is so great. I love it :] And speaking of all the nudity, you know about th art used in this shows' opening theme?

From Wikipedia: These characters are drawn in a style based on Gustav Klimt's paintings, imitating poses, colors, and patterns. In the following comparison images, the left side of each image shows Klimt's work, and on the right, Elfen Lied's counterpart (links below)


That's what I love about the art and the song, it goes so well with it. Have you heard the full version of the song??

The Elderly said...

Hiya Poine, no I haven't heard the full version of the song, I'd known about the nod to Gustav Klimt, but hadn't seen the comparisons before... thank you!

The opening is so rich with it's beautiful imagery and that song...

Kotobukiya Figures