5 Sep 2007

Ikki Tousen Kanu Unchou Grey from Yamato

Kan'u Unchou is a Character from the 13 part anime series Ikki Tousen* (aka "Bakunyū" Hyper-Battle ) Kanu Unchou is seen as the most feared and powerful Toushi around, wielding the nearly invincible Blue Dragon Crescent Blade as well as the legendary sword Kusanagi.

Recommended for mature collectors.
Kan'u stands 8 1/2-inches tall and has an arsenal of killer weapons at her disposal. She's made of PVC plastic and comes packaged in a window box with a display base. Featured in her gray-variant torn school outfit with a see-through shirt, Kanu is a limited edition of 1,500 pieces. Now available in "Red" and "Blue" versions.

*The series is known for it's notable fan service, featuring a very large cast of attractive young women, who fight in short skirts and dresses, in addition to numerous other ecchi situations.

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