18 Nov 2006

Kitana Cosplay

A character from the Mortal Kombat series of fighting games,created originally by the Midway Games company. Kitana was one of the most popular characters in Mortal Kombat II, because of her seemingly invincible combos. During the early production runs of Mortal Kombat II, Kitana became notorious as an unbeatable character, as her "fan lift" move could be done in such a way as to completely immobilize the opponent in the corner of the screen, allowing the player using Kitana to defeat the opponent with a series of uncontested punches. Changes were made in later versions of the game to eliminate this. Despite her appearance, Princess Kitana is over 10,000 years old.

bio from Wikipedia

Cosplay from dm.e-teng.com



Kunoichi Terminator said...

I still love the style of Kitana in MK II rather than other series.

The Elderly said...

It's the mask that gets me everytime, but the mkii costume is exceptional

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