12 Dec 2011

What are the best Anime Websites?

With such a wealth of excellent Anime sites online, I decided that going for a quality few rather than an exhaustive list was a much better choice. Here then my personal favourites, with enough content to keep you happy for months.

Up to date, news, reviews, Top lists for anime and manga, trailers and previews.  Registration to get the most from a member's forum and a customisable My ANN feature.

Updated News and reviews, a browse by tag option and members forum

Don't let the exterior fool you, AnimeNFA is quite simply the internet's database for anime and manga news and information and a busy members forum to browse or share your views




The above list is by no means exhaustive. So If you've got your own favourite I've left out, I'd be delighted if you'd leave a comment and a link. If the sites free from popups and annoying background page loaders then it'll end up here.

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