9 Oct 2006

Speed Grapher Wallpaper

More than 10 years have passed since the bubble economy ended. The world has become polarized into rich and poor, and Japan is no exception. Wealth pursues pleasure, and Tokyo has become a city of pleasure.

Saiga is a photo journalist, who has had his passport confiscated and is force to stay in Japan. He is asked to cover a story involving a secret nightclub.

The "Roppongi Club" is a club where only the select few can join. It is said that it's ultra-rich members experience the ultimate pleasure. Their, he meets a girl, Kagura, who asks him for help. Saiga rescues her, and soon discovers the has gained a special ability though his encounter with Kagura.

Wallpaper from Official Website (english)
Speed Grapher Official Japanese Website
Episode 1 review (spoilers) from memento
Speed Grapher on Wikipedia

The original Japanese theme was "Girls on Film" by Duran Duran, however Funimation unable to get rights for American distribution, have use "Shutter Speed" by Shinkichi Mitsumune instead.



DEITRIX said...

The first 2.. Awesome!!
I can pick 2 right?

The Elderly said...

yes sorry bout that only two.... i must restock, so only two per customer at present... hopefully i can change my policy when some new paper comes in.....

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