30 May 2007

Masamune Shirow Wallpaper

Masamune Shirow debuted as a professional manga artist with Appleseed in 1985. Subsequently his unique talent has led to the creation of other titles such as Orion, Dominion, and perhaps the most well known- Ghost In The Shell. Shirow's works can be best described as cyberpunk / military-police themed but recently has focused his creative energy in the creation of beautiful, detailed and groundbreaking Computer Graphic artworks.

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DEITRIX said...

Awesome art!!

Hey, I started watching some anime late at night on cable while doing my work and really want to get some dvd's..
Do you know of some real good movies or series to get..?
I really like good artwork, which a lot of them have..
Any ideas on some good ones.. -Thanks man!

The Elderly said...

wow... best introduction would be to follow the following

best of 2003

best of 2004

best of 2005

best of 2006

From the snatches i've seen
Witch Hunter Robin, Samurai 7, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trinity Blood, paranois Agent stand out

DEITRIX said...

Thanks! I will check them all out..

I caught some Trinity Blood and liked that one.. These will be great to watch during late nights of artwork!

Too bad I cant figure out how to play 360 with my toes... I would be set! It would save me so much time..

The Elderly said...

...what a marvelous idea....the 360 (several hours later....elderly hops back...)


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