27 Jan 2012

Pic of the Week Another Anonymous

Why do I fall for images that have no detail as to the artist or to it's origin?  Any hints on origin or artist would be most welcome, thank you!

Update! :) Anonymous no longer!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee!

a great big thanks to the eagle eyed fojxl :)

The captivating piece of Artwork is from Zhang Xiaobai an illustrator based in Beijing, China and a graduate of Xubeihong Art College
Her Facebook page
Portfolio on IndiesArt page

Referenced from Jordan Sowunmi on Trend Hunter where you'll find more detail on  Zhang Xiaobai and  more of her stunning work.  Trend Hunter.com another one of those websites you'll want to instantly bookmark.

Thanks again fojxl! much appreciated

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fojxl said...

zhang xiaobai


The Elderly said...

(bows to the learned fojxl)

Thank you so much for this, it always niggles me posting a piece of art without appropriate reference to the artist. Principally because I have no patience when I see an illustration I love.

Truly grateful for your help and the introduction to a gem of a website.


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