19 Jul 2007

Wallpaper Kal Online

all sized 1024x768

KAL-Online is a fantasy MMORPG from Inixsoft. Originally from South Korea, KAL-Online is currently available in Korean, English and Chinese for free.

(kal is Korean for "sword")

English language site
Kal online fan pages
Korean Site
Chinese Site (thanks Roys!)


Roys! said...

Hey Elderly, you just missed out the Chinese site :)

Roys! said...

Sorry to double post but the 1024x768 links are broken at the Chinese site ... replace the ...800.jpg in the filename to 1024.jpg to get the correct images :)

Oh yeah, I forgot to thank you for the marvellous wallpapers - very nice :)

gnome said...

Roys... handy as ever ;)

The Elderly said...

handy? the man's indispensable... thank you Roys.. post amended :)

(tickles Gnome.....)

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