5 Jul 2007

Cosplay from Seven Mirrors Stories

Cosplay from Qin Guo Yuan Ling 倾国怨伶

more images from Tom.bbs

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Kunoichi Terminator said...

What a traditional Chinese woman.

The Elderly said...

Beautiful indeed,

love your new avatar

KP_Poine said...

Hah.. I have that same fan, but different picture! (in 4th pic) I got it at the World Market that USE to be by my house. Even though it was a World Market, the majority of it was Asian, so that was a YAY! for me :3

The Elderly said...

that would be a Yay from me too... if only.... (dreams of an asian market near his house......) you've done an amazing job on your blog Princess, you've got a natural talent for design, impressed I was, was I

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