9 Apr 2007

Kits and Figures for sale

Another dip into the nooks and crannies of ebay.

images, from top to bottom

Auctions ended
Cylena queen of the night, resin figure SOLD! $15.50 (9 bids)
Chun Li, resin figure SOLD! $65.27 ( 1 bid)
Gentaro Araki, resin figure SOLD! SOLD! $9.50 (4 bids)

Kits:need assembly and painting
Cammy, street fighter, Resin kit SOLD! $18.99 (1 bid)
Gabrielle, assasin, Resin kit Unsold
Genielle, assasin, Resin Kit Unsold


J said...

is that last one a figurine of Sharon Stone's character from Basic Instinct? Why did they give her a gun instead of an ice pick!?

*finishes reading post*

Oh...my mistake.

The Elderly said...

Sharon is maturing nicely, still haven't managed to meet her, hopefully it won't be in retirement home... the model kits look terrific but the price is a bit too high...

neo1027 said...

Where is the last and second last figurines character from?~_~Been searching for weeks.

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