25 Oct 2006

Sarah Bryant Virtua Fighter Cosplay

Character from Sega's Video Game series Virtua Fighter. Sarah Enters Virtua Fighter 3 to regain her memory and defeat her brother. Virtua Fighter 4 sees her with her memory restored, she enters the competition wishing once again to defeat her brother and put the past behind her, little does she know that J6 intend to transform her into a new Dural.

Cosplay from neokobe2045
Virtual Fighter 5 Official Website (Japanese)



J said...

Oh...hell...NO!! She better not go and do THAT cosplay again.

EVe said...

I love Omi Gibson's cosplay

Anonymous said...

just remove it!............


Anonymous said...

*Looks at above comments*

Faggots. The whole lot of you. And I'm talking about the negative responses to this.

Anonymous said...

Good effort.

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