5 Sep 2006

Otonashi Saya Cosplay

Saya Otonashi is a principal character from the anime series Blood+ . Images taken from Cosfest 2006 pages on


Based on the animated movie Blood the last Vampire, Blood+ the series picks up a few decades after the events in the film. Under the care of an adoptive family, Saya has been living the life of a seemingly normal girl. Initially she does not remember anything of her dark past. It is not long before her memories start to surface and she remembers what her true purpose in life is and she resumes her fight against the Chiroptera, bat-like creatures who possess superhuman strength, speed and regenerating ability.

Cosplayer "Lenneth" interview from Riuva.com
(more photos)

Saya Otonashi Wallpaper (3)

Production IG Blood+ website
Blood+ TV series official Website (Japanese)


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