14 May 2007

Shaiya Light and Darkness Cosplay

From the Korean mmorpg Shaiya, Light and Darkness

Cosplay found on tom.bbs
Shaiya Light and Darkness Website


J said...

I'm getting flashbacks of Leia in the slave bikini from Return of the Jedi.

Princess Haiku said...

I wandered into your space somehow, and just wanted to say it's very beautiful. I like the title of your blog; very cool.

The Elderly said...

see i keep telling people flashbacks are okay, finally someone who agrees.....

Thank you princess Haiku, a most inspirational blog and life affirming blog you've got yourself, congratulations...

(bows to princess haiku)

Tyler-Seven said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Amazing job!

I just found this page by accident, but I'm glad I did!


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