13 Aug 2011

Garage Kit resin recast project x bad hair day

Yes I should be shot for purchasing a recast, but when a kit is no longer in production? (excuse, excuse...) And yes I paid the ultimate price, ill fitting joins, abysmal definition, hours of sanding and milliput, suffice it to say frustration crept in and I abandoned the project. Now 3 years later I can't remember the name of the artist, company or indeed the figure, but the frustration of the past has dissipated and feel I can't justify a new purchase without completing this potential gem.  So bear with me as I retrace my steps, adopt a more patient approach and over the next ? weeks r months attempt to bring this figure back to inanimate life.

So as the title suggests, and as you can see, her hair is a living nightmare, I straightened her long flowing locks all those years ago, but the resin has gradually returned to it's orignial cast shape, a bad omen for the future.  So once again a short soak in  hot water and the resin is pliable enough to to attempt a re-straightening
In the meantime If you recognise the kit, artist, manufacturer, please leave a comment.  As an amateur I would also willingly accept any advice or criticism you have to offer.

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