24 Jul 2011


Yep it's me.. and for all those that waited and waited and kept posting comments, my sincere apologies and a massive big thank you, especially to one significant gnome and an as yet missing priest.

It will take me sometime to clean up around here, I noticed I've got a sitting room full of generic Viagra (looks at Gnome), which I can probably upload on ebay. Dust, final notices, spiders that wouldn't look out of place in a Greek Cellar and one or two...... gulp!!... okay hundreds of broken links to fix.

Since I was last here, facebook and twitter have been invented, anonymity on the web has lost it's appeal, and peoples penchant for pointy ears pron seems to have hit an all time low.


I'm getting that warm fuzzy feeling coming on me now (...no not the viagra) so I must bid you adieu, but it's good to be back and a bit scary. Now gotta find web storage for my piccies and figure out where all my bookmarks went, learn how to tag my posts again....etc. etc..

Age and 8 year old computers, what cruel tricks you play......

Again my sincere apologies :(


Anonymous said...


Welcome Back!

The Elderly said...

...thank you Obaging, i'd pull up a chair if I had one... and you weren't so busy running that skin care website... cheers :) elderly

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