17 Oct 2007

Boa "Love Letter" PV

South Korean singer Boa with her 23rd single, .

available from Playasia.com

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J said...

A new album on the way? This song isn't on her "Made in twenty (20)" album. Hmmm...

I'll pop back later to hear the song, the video isn't playing for me at the mo. :(

J said...

Ooooo! Me likey! It's like a more uptempo and R&B'd up version of "Love & honesty". I like when BoA does these kinds of songs. There's only so many synthy, bubblegum songs I can take from her.

I like these kinds of J-Pop songs in general, which is why I love Crystal Kay because she sings the hell out of songs such as these.

BoA looks nice in the video too. Like a sexy young lady. :P

The Elderly said...

sorry for delay in replying J, yes captured my heart our boa...

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